Dea Kudibal

Do you love exclusive fashion that oozes an experimental and creative approach to design? Then you’ve come to the right place. Dea Kudibal, the designer and creative director behind the brand, was born into a family of artists and bankers. This gave her a unique understanding of business and design and an appreciation for working with contrasts. And that’s exactly what she does.

Dea Kudibal works with contrasts across her creations, reflecting both in the material and colour compositions and in the use of cuts and shapes. If you love the quirky and different and want to get your hands on unique and eye-catching styles, Dea Kudibal is the brand for you. At Laura Thomsen, you will find a beautiful selection of Dea Kudibal creations. Dive right into our selection of Dead Kudubal below and get inspired by the brand’s designs which will elevate any wardrobe.

Dea Kudibal - synonymous with exclusive scarves and shawls made from exquisite vintage materials

When Dea Kudibal's first designs saw the light in 2003, the collection consisted solely of exclusive scarves and shawls made from unique vintage materials. It wasn't until five years later, in 2008, that Dea Kudibal launched her first clothing line consisting of beautiful designs with feminine prints, playful colours and flattering silhouettes that finely accentuate the female form.

Today, the brand's DNA is still synonymous with exquisite quality materials, daring and different cuts, as well as eye-catching and ethnic-inspired prints and colours. As Dea Kudibal evolved and became more successful, the stretch-silk quality also became a true signature of Dea Kudibal. The fine silk quality and sublime durability of the stretch silk have become essential to all the brand’s collections.

Dea Kudibal - ethnic-inspired fashion for style-conscious women

From day one, Dea Kudibal has been fascinated with ethnic cultures, which reflects the colour and pattern compositions, use of exclusive materials - such as silk, cashmere and suede - and refined, handmade details such as embroidery and beading.

Dea Kudibal's designs are sophisticated, luxurious and feminine, yet with eye-catching and daring details. The creations ooze '1000 and one night'-vibes. And if you're into exotic prints, a rainbow of colours and cuts and shapes that accentuate the female silhouettes, you should dive into Dea Kudibal's seductive universe.

The brand's versatile collections let you put together and create your own unique Dea Kudibal look, whether it's feminine, edgy or casual - or perhaps a mix of all three. With Dea Kudibal, you can also give your current wardrobe an exclusive boost. For example, you can combine a pair of great jeans from your wardrobe with a lovely Dea Kudibal blouse or shirt for a sparkling and exclusive look that still has a casual edge about it.

Each season, Dea Kudibal launches unique and exclusive prints designed with great love and passion in the heart of Copenhagen. The designer behind has a keen eye for colours and patterns, and she knows what works well with each other to create a completely unique and new print. Simply put, Dea Kudibal's exquisite designs can be seen as works of art, each telling a poetic story.

Stand out from the crowd with Dea Kudibal

Dea Kudibal is one of a kind in the fashion industry, and that quickly becomes apparent when you glance through the brand's designs among our selection. The brand's various creations play with patterns and colours in a very special and not least daring way. Dea Kudibal is not afraid to stand out with her fashion, and neither should you.

With Dea Kudibal in your wardrobe, you can fully express your own personal style. Dea Kudibal does not follow the trends and tendencies of the time but rather strives to create their own design darlings, which makes the brand something truly special on the Danish and international fashion scene.

When you wear Dea Kudibal designs, you are adorning your body with quality materials as well as complimenting and flattering designs that bring out all the best in your unique body figure. In addition, it feels both incredibly light and comfortable, as the brand uses only soft and delicate quality materials.

Dea Kudibal is the epitome of beautiful patterns and prints that you won't find anywhere else, and when you wear the brand’s designs, you can't help but attract attention on the street - and maybe even a few envious glances.

Shop beautiful creations by Dea Kudibal online at Laura Thomsen Luxury

At Laura Thomsen Luxury, you'll find a stellar selection of designs from Dea Kudibal to spice up your wardrobe. Whether you've been fancying a blouse, dress, skirt or scarf from our collection of Dea Kudibal, you'll be ready for any occasion in just a few clicks - for both everyday wear and parties. We're constantly adding new styles to our selection, so you can always get your hands on unique and beautiful Dea Kudibal creations.

With a Dea Kudibal dress, shirt, blouse or skirt in your closet, you'll stand out in the street due to designs that are in a class of their own. The brand is not only synonymous with quality materials and exquisite designs but also with power and confidence.

Dea Kudibal creates fashion that will make you beam with confidence. Their designs are not only unique on their own; they become even more extraordinary when you pair them with some of your wardrobe favourites at home. Whether you're going to work or out into town with your besties, you can be sure you'll look dazzling in Dea Kudibal. Mix and match the different designs as you please, aided by gorgeous accessories and footwear, and decide how daring, edgy and feminine you want your look to be.

Dress up in beautiful Dea Kudibal creations with just a few clicks

Let there be no doubt that we, at Laura Thomsen Luxury, are immensely proud to present Dea Kudibal among our string of outstanding brands and designers such as Lala Berlin, Guess, Pierre Balmain and many more.

Have you found a couple of gorgeous Dea Kudibal styles that you simply can't live without? If so, you can order easily and simply via our online shop. You’ll get fast delivery within 1-3 business days when you shop online with us. We also offer price matching, meaning you’ll get your favourite styles at the lowest price you can find - both online and in physical stores. It's a service we offer all our customers, as we want to make exclusive styles easily accessible and at great prices.