Iconic fashion by Karl Lagerfeld

The exceptional fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has created his own clothing and accessories brand enriched with extraordinary and unique designs. At Laura Thomsen Luxury, we present you with the best of Karl Lagerfeld’s unique fashion universe, adorned with a wealth of beautiful details such as prints, ruffles and ribbons.

Quintessential to his styles is the ability to elevate ordinary everyday items to a level that screams exclusive design and good style. A level where even a drab grey sweatshirt is transformed into a bold statement piece that ties your whole outfit together. All thanks to clever fonts and iconic prints by Lagerfeld himself and his now-familiar cat Choupette, who is always to be found by his side – no matter which kind of stand-out creation he thinks up.


Exclusive fashion by Karl Lagerfeld

If you know Karl Lagerfeld, then you know that he is a highly popular fashion icon famous for designing unique and beautiful feminine styles for fashion-conscious women in high quality.

At Laura Thomsen Luxury, we offer beautiful dresses, classic blouses and fine skirts by Karl Lagerfeld. In other words: we have something for everyone. Feel free to explore our wide selection by Karl Lagerfeld and find your favourite styles.

Buy chic T-shirts with the Karl Lagerfeld logo

Karl Lagerfeld has created his own fashion brand that has gained popularity in many parts of the world. Among his many styles, you can find classic T-shirts with fine prints and logos that add great detail.

The T-shirts are made of super-soft cotton, which always feels highly comfortable to wear. In addition, they have a great fit that enhances your figure and confidence. Karl Lagerfeld T-shirts are available in both dark and light shades. This way, you can freely switch it up and put together many different styles. If you want a rawer and cooler look, you can pair one of the T-shirts with a pair of Karl Lagerfeld's leather look trousers or skirt in dark colours.

Keep warm with exclusive sweaters by Karl Lagerfeld

Would you like great sweaters that both keep you warm and give your style a breath of fresh air? At Laura Thomsen Luxury, you can find Karl Lagerfeld sweaters in several lively colours and beautiful patterns. If you're more into classic and neutral colours, we also have sweaters in dark and light shades with exquisite details to give the simple look a stylish edge.

Our sweaters from Karl Lagerfeld have a great natural fit. They're also made from quality materials, including wool and acrylic, making them easy and comfortable to wear. The wool is also heat-insulating, helping you stay warm more easily during the cold winter months.

Bring out your feminine side with dresses by Karl Lagerfeld

If there's one thing that goes unnoticed, it's Karl Lagerfeld's talent for designing beautiful feminine dresses with stylish detailing. When you wear one of Karl Lagerfeld's dresses, your feminine side is given free rein.

At Laura Thomsen Luxury, we have also noticed Karl Lagerfeld's talent for designing beautiful dresses. That's why we offer a wide range of dresses in several pretty colours and shapes, presenting something for everyone. Do you love colours and preferably lots of them? Then we have multi-coloured and patterned dresses with eye-catching details that you simply must own. We also offer dresses in beautiful neutral nuances if you're more into classic dark and light shades.

Whether you go for the classic neutral or the multi-coloured patterned dress by Karl Lagerfeld, you'll get a dress with a great drape that will enhance your feminine features. If you want to pair your dress with a chic top, you can easily combine it with our elegant blazers.

Create a fully-fledged look with Karl Lagerfeld bags

In addition to exclusive, high-quality clothing, Karl Lagerfeld is also known for designing accessories such as bags and hats. That's great for those who can't get enough of Karl Lagerfeld's iconic brand.

At Laura Thomsen Luxury, you can also get your hands on fine bags from Karl Lagerfeld. In fact, you'll find chic cosmetic bags in stylish materials among our selection by Karl Lagerfeld. The bags are spacious with several pockets, so you don't have to save space or sort your makeup.

Who was the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld?

Karl Otto Lagerfeld was a popular fashion designer born in Germany in 1933. He always had an interest in fashion and design. He started as a designer for various Parisian fashion houses, then began a career as a freelance designer for exclusive brands such as Valentino and Krizia in the 1960s.

Over time, he became more and more recognised as a designer. As a result, he was appointed as creative director by the fashion house Chloé, which he led until 1983. That’s when his career really began to take off. At the same time as becoming the creative director for the fashion house Chanel, he also branched out as an independent designer with his own iconic brand "Karl Lagerfeld".

His attention to detail and beautiful design did not go unnoticed. He designed clothes for both men and women but didn't just stick to clothing; he also expanded into accessories such as bags and hats. Furthermore, he produced perfumes, which also achieved significant popularity.

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